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COMICS / ART BOOKS - Latest releases

Benjamin Bergman: TROLL-ON 4 - 5.60 EUR - 7.50 USD
2013 / 28 pages in full colour, stabled / 148 x 210 mm / 5.83" x 8.27"/ Edition of 300

Fourth part in Troll-On series, bigger A4-size, colour burst on glossy & shiny & bad smelling paper - will do the right thing! Three yo-yo's have been done wrong by an evil robot that seems to have an appetite for human hair. It is time for our heroes to do what they do best besides playing flute and do a gigantic favour to the unhappy yo-yo's. Contains some graphic violence and no nudity. Recommended to the bald and the beautiful! Bigger and badder!

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Roope Eronen: ADVANCED OFFICES & HUMANS - 8.00 EUR - 11.00 USD
2013 / 116 pages in two colours, glued / 148 x 148 mm / 5.83" x 5.83"/ Edition of 500

Copy machines, projectors, energy drinks and frantic race for success! Step into to world of wonders along Offices & Humans -roleplay and its two-headed gamemaster. Throw the dice and follow your destiny to the grace of your boss or loss of it all. What's most important: don't forget to verify your CD-r copy!

Advanced Offices & Humans is an independent sequel to Offices & Humans that was released 2012. Roope Eronen is known for his absurd humour, weird ambiances and surprising plots. To remind: Offices & Humans is an office-based roleplaying game where player aims for economical and social success.

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Jarno Latva-Nikkola: UKKOMETSOLA - 15.00 EUR - 20.00 USD
2013 / 200 pages in two colours, glued / 164 x 246 mm / 6.46" x 9.69"/ Edition of 500

The Ukkometsola pig farm is in danger of a bankrupt and the taxes of farm legacy wait to get paid. Are the three heir brothers able to bring the farm to glory again? The olderst brother Arvo wants to save the farm and his two multi-problemed bros Arvi and Aake. The farm won't run with traditional meat production - the pigs must make money also when alive. Is pig milk answer to all the problems?

Ukkometsola is a graphic novel on pig milk, capitalism, greediness, racism and depression but also a book on perseverance, empathy and hope. It's the third graphic novel by the artist, who's known for his dark & obscene humour. Latva-Nikkola's (b. 1977) work also includes animation, music videos, paintings and performances.

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Lauri Mäkimurto: THE SAUCE BOOK - 4.80 EUR - 6.50 USD
2013 / 48 pages in b/w, stabled / 160 x 240 mm / 6.30" x 9.48"/ Edition of 500

The Sauce Book is an expressive potrait of a man who travels into himself. It's also a book filled with humour darkest of its kind. The main character is young lad, outsider who's thoughts and acts reflect the aimless & hedonistic dreams of our society. In other words: Lauri Mäkimurto's debute is not an ordinary sauce book.

Mäkimurto's (b. 1984) works has been before published in Kuti-magazine and own 'Luke the Gross' fanzines.

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Tommi Musturi: BEATING - 18.00 EUR - 24.00 USD
2013 / 128 pages in full colour, stiched / 248 x 340 mm / 9.76" x 13.39"/ Edition of 800

Beating is a compilation of Tommi Musturi's drawings and paintings. The +200 images of the book compile art from sold-out artist books and fanzines published around the world 2003-2012.

This is a visual beating indeed - big size, energetic burst of colours and forms that reveal variety of styles and ways to express. Musturi's images both make you laugh and scared. The wholesome is a chokingly detailed and imagenary trip to worlds of its own.

Musturi (b. 1975) is a Tampere-based artist best known for his graphic novels.

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Tommi Musturi: VIIMEINEN TOIVON KIRJA - 7.00 EUR - 9.50 USD
2013 / 52 pages in full colour, glued / 210 x 148 mm / 8.27" x 5.83"/ Edition of 600

This is the last part in The Books of Hope series. The long graphic novel that consists of five individual books tells a story of a retired couple and their life on countryside of Middle-Finland. This is a praise on simple life, its joys and sorrows, treated with a gently touch of humour.

What kind of a comic would this be if the main character would draw it? What did the couple do earlier in their life? What'd be their hippie-look? Who's the one to take the last waltz?

The Last Book of Hope is a fragmentary comic scrapbook on earlier life of the couple. Winter has come and taken away the autumn depression. It's time to step to the wonders of rest of your life…

Viimeinen Toivon kirja is a Finnish edition that does not include English translation. The Books of Hope are being published also in French and English. This fifth book will be out in French early 2014 (La 5e Couche) while in English the three first has been published (Bries).

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Aapo Rapi: FUTURE MAN - 2.40 EUR - 3.20 USD
2013 / 28 pages in bw, stabled / 195 x 75 mm / 7.68" x 2.95"/ Edition of 500

Aapo Rapi: LOG CABIN MAN - 2.40 EUR - 3.20 USD
2013 / 28 pages in bw, stabled / 195 x 75 mm / 7.68" x 2.95"/ Edition of 500

Log Cabin Man is dark-humoured comic strip about depressed, alcoholic and suicidal artist. This is a tragicomic dive into a the booze-stenching Finnish state of mind. Swear words & fear of death included.

Future man is an invidividual sequel where the artist has accidentally ended up in the future. Despite of time and place the acts and deeds of a Finnish man remain.

The characters that Aapo Rapi (b. 1977) creates are often outsiders of our society - vagabonds, elder people, poor average joes that tilt at windmills. They are nor good neither bad but cosmic voyagers twirled in joys and sorrows of human life.

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Emmi Valve: WHEN YOUR FACE EXPLODES - 7.20 EUR - 10.00 USD
2013 / 60 pages in monotone, glued / 148 x 210 mm / 5.83" x 8.27"/ Edition of 600

When Your Face Explodes includes works from the 2011 comic diary of the artist. It's a book on loneliness, sex and love but also on death of a close person, longing and growing up.

Emmi Valve (b. 1984) is known for her uncensored comics released in her blog Emmi Valve Fan Club and several fanzines. When Your Face Explodes is her debute graphic novel.

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COMICS / ART BOOKS - past releases still available

Roope Eronen: OFFICES & HUMANS - 7.20 EUR - 10.00 USD
2012 / 60 pages in two colours, glued / 148 x 148 mm / 5.83" x 5.83"/ Edition of 500

Would you like to be a human being? Jump daily behind your office desktop and be part of the meritocracy? Buy this book and it's possible! Offices & Humans - Way to Customex is a office roleplay game for dragons where the player seeks for economical and social success. Comes with English subtitles on bottom of the pages. Hilarious!

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Roope Eronen: CHAMP POO - 10.80 EUR - 15.00 USD
2011 / 52 pages in colour, HC / 240 x 160 mm / 9.48" x 6.30"/ Edition of 500

The Dog Post: "Wanted; Pooper for a high quality comic."

This is where it starts from, following with U.F.O. tapes, rises and falls of publishing world and endless holding of poo. Read what Kim Dog thinks of this book, how do you perform a perfect enema and how on earth planet Sirius is involved with it all. In other words: again one amazingly funny and absurd book from Roope!

The book is in Finnish with English subtitles on the bottom of the pages.

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Roope Eronen: GARAGE - 1.80 EUR - 2.50 USD
2011 / 36 pages in colour, stabled / 74 x 74 mm / 2.91" x 2.91"/ Edition of 500

Damn funny small comic fable for children and adults. All in colour. Without words.

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Jyrki Heikkinen: Paparoad - 3.50 EUR - 5.00 USD
2008 / 28 p. in colour / 210 mm x 148 mm / 8.27" x 5.83" / Edition of 500

A new publication from on one of the most hardest working artists in Finland. This is a wordless comic, chase of one man and a tragedy that ends up into the light. Heikkinen shows it's possible to grow up to be a humane being before you die. He is a poet and a comic artist while Paparoad is an example of the more free side of his artwork.

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Bendik Kaltenborn: I Don't Remember - 4.80 EUR - 6.50 USD
2010 / 28 pages / 160 x 240 mm / 6.30" x 9.48" / Edition of 600

I Don't Remember is joyful humorous comic that rumbles through Ljubljana streets sky high and without destination. What happens when normal business meeting with a horny norwegian businessman gets spiced up with bear costumes and a lunatic ride by two too devoted employees? Bendik Kaltenborn (b. 1980) is one of Norway's most awarded new talents. His comis are full of absurd twists and sharp dialogue that makes you laugh aloud.

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Kutikuti: POSTCARDS - 0.30 EUR - 0.50 USD / PCS
2011 / In colour / 100 x 140 mm / 3.94" x 5.51"/ Edition of 1000

8-pack of KK postcards by Heikki Rönkkö, Kari Sihvonen, Pauliina Mäkelä, Jarno Latva-Nikkola, Roope Eronen, Aapo Rapi & Petriina Koivunen, Tommi Musturi and Jari Vaara.

Jarno Latva-Nikkola: The Most Beautiful of JM - 10.20 EUR - 13.00 USD
2010 / 140 p. / 160 x 240 mm / 6.30" x 9.48" / Edition of 800

"Your body and soulis going through peculiar things. My task is to ease your burden." - The Period Buddy. Jarno Latva-Nikkola can be described as the main figure of the Finnish underground comics of this millenium. His work is dark in humour, laugh at everything and always surpises the reader. There's some strangely twisted and merciless logic in what Latva-Nikkola does - his comics first faze, then scare and in the end, make the reader laugh. Behind the weird world of his there's an inner beauty, something idealistic. The Most Beautiful of Jarno Markus is a collection of author's comics and drawings from his childhood up to today. Latva-Nikkola's drawings are rough, charistmatic blasts of freedom. At the same time they show a very Finnish view on reality - the choking touch of life. Jarno Latva-Nikkola (b.1975) lives and works in Helsinki as a comic and fine artist.

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Jarno Latva-Nikkola: Master of Emotions - 7.20 EUR - 10.00 USD
2007 / 100 pages / 130x 205 mm / 5.12" x 8.07" / Edition of 1000

Jarno Latva-Nikkola's debute graphic novel is a filthy trip to one relationship. Imaginary main character named Jarno Latva-Nikkola tries to fix his stale relationship using pretty original means. After several turns our antihero ends up meeting the true Master of Emotions, and principles of love take a new logical form. If authorities and institutions are something that we should fight against, Latva-Nikkola does it with grade A. This cult star familiar from countless anthologies puts out some of the darkest humour out there. No sweat shall be spared!

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Tiina Lehikoinen: THE LONELY INSPECTOR - 3.00 EUR - 4.00 USD
2011 / 28 pages in colour, stabled / 105 x 148 mm / 4.13" x 5.83"/ Edition of 500

Collection of poet & artist Tiina Lehikoinen's wild drawings. In colour. No words

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Hanneriina Moisseinen: Sets and Scores - Shameful Stories - 9.60 EUR - 13.00 USD
2010 / 60 pages in full colour / 206 x 216 mm / 8.11" x 8.50" / Edition of 800

"... there it was like on display! Mum and Dad had seen it all!" - Shame is uncomfortable feeling that you fear and hide. Most of our shames stick with us from our childhood and follow us to the grave. The chain of shame can be broken only by telling it all to whole world. Hanneriina Moisseinen's book is collection of shameful stories from many locations in Finland. The author has interviewed strangers and people she knew asking them to tell the most shameful stories of their lives. Sets and Scores contains different kind of shames - embarrasing moments, shames of childhood, shame in a sauna and even underwater. Moisseinen's comics are enlighthingly rich to read: some of them are drawn, some painted and some knitted on fabrics. In the hands of a talented artist this all turns into a wholesome. Sets and Scores has a good purpose, it sets us free from shame. We all should be able to reveal or shames to the world. Hanneriina Moisseinen (b. 1978) is a globetrotter with her roots in Eastern Finland. She divides her work between fine art, music and comics.

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Tommi Musturi - THE HEAD - 3.00 EUR - 4 USD
2012 / 52 pages in monotone, stabled / 105 x 148 mm / 4.13" x 5.83"/ Edition of 500

Yet another wordless picture book from Tommi – that's an absurd trip to somewhere close to abstract. Drawn spring 2012, printed with few colours on coloured papers.

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Tommi Musturi & Pakito Bolino - BOLTURI - 15.00 EUR - 20 USD
2011 / 24 pages printed with 4 colours, stabled / 200mm x 200mm / 7.87" x 7.87"/ Edition of 200

A silk-screened book by Le Dernier Cri. Mixed together by Pakito and Tommi, drawn and printed in two weeks late 2011!

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Tommi Musturi: The Dream of Hope - 7.00 EUR - 9.50 USD
2012 / 48 pages in two colours / 210 mm x 148 mm / 8.27" x 5.83"

Third part in The Books of Hope series is one long dream of the main character. The Dream of Hope is a wild west story about an outlaw name Jack, quite apocalyptic actually. However, the book presents 'an image of man' – a hero that cannot die. That's quite much a dilemma as you can imagine, in real life at least. Published in English by Bries (Belgium).

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Tommi Musturi: DEATH TO MOST - 3.00 EUR - 4 USD
2008 / 28 pages in color, stabled / 105 x 148 mm / 4.13" x 5.83"/ Edition of 500

Yet another small publication from Tommi. This one is a collection of his teenage drawings from 1986-1992. As the title shows this magazine deals with death. On the other hand it's a portrait of a frustrated teen living on the Finnish countryside, listening to metal, skateboarding and drawing. There's lots of skulls and dead people in this release. You can consider this either 'funny' or 'disgusting'.

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Tommi Musturi: THAT WAY - 1.80 EUR - 2.50 USD
2011 / 16 pages in bw, stabled / 105 x 148 mm / 4.13" x 5.83"/ Edition of 600

Collection of Tommi's Spring-Summer 2011 sketchbooks. Black and white and mute.

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Tommi Musturi: Walking With Samuel - 15.00 EUR - 20.00 USD
2009 / 140 pages in colour / 203 x 206 mm / 7.99 x 8.11" / Edition of 1000

This is the first totally wordless book of Tommi that he worked for three years. The story is about a ghost-like character called Samuel, a pale fellow, almost transparent to the world around him. He travels through different places and states of mind. Every act is a statement. It's about freedom and humanity. The books is published also in Germany, Sweden, Belgium and Portugal. There'll most likely be another book based on Samuel someday.

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Tommi Musturi: The First Book of Hope - 7.00 EUR - 9.50 USD
2007 / 48 pages in two colours / 210 mm x 148 mm / 8.27" x 5.83"

Story about one good life and few deaths. Tommi Musturi’s 2nd own publication and first part of Books of Hope series. Bries did 2nd edition of the book! Thanks Ria!

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Tommi Musturi: The Second Book of Hope - 7.00 EUR - 9.50 USD
2008 / 48 pages in two colours / 210 mm x 148 mm / 8.27" x 5.83"

Second in the series of five books. Monologues of an old man. Digs deeper into Finnish melancholy, drawing a portrait of philosophy of a man. "Small masterpieces on emotion and poetry." - Forbidden Planet

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Pauliina Mäkelä: Mystic Sessions Vol. 1 - 4.80 EUR - 6.50 USD
2006 / 16 p. in bw / 290 x 407 mm / 11.42" x 16.02" / Edition of 500

This over-sixed zine is a tribute to sound, to all that wonderful
rattling, banging, howling, melting dripping steel and haunting noise
that blows your ears and pierces your brain. The b/w pictures are
partly improvised drawings done under the influence of such bands as
Wolf Eyes, Sunn O))), The Melvins, The Skaters, Prurient, Earth,
Khanate and Burzum amongst others juxtaposed with charcole drawings of
a small girl playing the drum and creating the soundscapes.

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Jyrki Nissinen: BORING KNIGHTS - 4.80 EUR - 6.50 USD
2011 / 36 pages in b&w / 160 x 240 mm / 6.30" x 9.48" / Edition of 500

"We'll leave home before the dark. We have to guard our money and go to sleep at half past ten." - Robin Hood and Batman

These knights are in no danger. To failure doesn't mean anything to them. What is for sale they can reach. Arguments they solve with small talk. And so on...

Jyrki Nissinen is the most productive Finnish comic artist. The Boring Knights is a staggering travel story but also an absurd tale about the true surviviors of our society - the mediocres of welfare state. These guys figure out something's wrong, they get angry and give up after facing the first misfortune. Factory farmed food has fulfilled its mission and staring a duck lay an egg seems as important as anything else.

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Jaakko Pallasvuo: THE TROPHY HUNTERS - 6 EUR - 8.00 USD
2011 / 36 p. / 210 x 297 mm / 8.3" x 11.7" / Edition of 500

"A week ago they discovered Simon's body. He had been missing for two years, but had only been dead a few days."

The Trophy Hunters is a mysterious story on relationships. The main character, a famous autobiographic author, travels home to his brother's funeral. The travel soon turns into a trip to the past and to a new reality revealed by death. Facing or understanding that is not easy.

Jaakko Pallasvuo is a Finnish visual and comic artist living and working in Berlin. His works have been published as numerous fanzines in France. The Trophy Hunters is his first graphic novel.

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Ville Ranta: A HERO INDEED - 4.80 EUR - 6.50 US
2011 / 32 pages in colour / 160 x 240 mm / 6.30" x 9.48" / Edition of 650

"Damnit. How can you fight enemies like that?"

Through the window of a one-room flat one can see the parking lot, sidewalks and street lights. The knight puts on his armour and raises his flag. World is still in need of a hero. The knight wants to win the war, even though he has already lost all the battles.

Ville Ranta is one of the most well-known Finnish comic artists of today. A Hero Indeed is his seventh comic book, a tale of the knight of the suburbs travelling the heartlands of love.

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Anna Sailamaa: THE SHEPHERD - 12 EUR - 16.50 USD

2011 / 88 pages in bw, HC / 203 x 236 mm / 7.99" x 9.29"/ Edition of 600

Anna's debut graphic novel. A story about northern country-side and a young man who finds a dead swan in the forest. In Finnish with English subtitles. Black and white, hardcover.

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Anna Sailamaa: A Zigzag Zine - 3 EUR - 4 USD
2009 / 32 p. / 105 x148 mm / 4.13" x 5.83"

Images of birds, nature. Beauty.

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Janne Tervamäki - MARY SHELLEY VS DRACULA - 3.00 EUR - 4 USD
2012 / 28 pages in colour, stabled / 105 x 148 mm / 4.13" x 5.83"/ Edition of 400

An apocalyptic science fiction story in which the existence of mankind is revealed in it's full awkward bloom. Janne made his first comics beginning of 80's for anthologies such as Suuri Kurpitsa. Best kept national comic secret!

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Amanda Vähämäki - STAR SOUNDS - 1.80 EUR - 2.50 USD
2012 / 16 pages in bw, stabled / 148 x 105 mm / 5.83" x 4.13" / Edition of 300

A meditative series of cosmic little pictures. The pictures have been released before in a couple of anthologies, but never before in such a beautiful little book. 16 thick b/w A6 pages.

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Anna Sailamaa: Be Good Now - 4.80 EUR - 6.50 USD
2008 / 44 pages in bw / 160 mm x 240 mm / 6.30" x 9.45" / Edition of 1000

Be Good Now is the debut novel from Anna Sailamaa, winner of the Nordic Comics Competition 2007. The five episodes of the novel tell stories of the author's family. Sailamaa draws warm and heartful portraits of the people close to her. The book is about small things in life. This is something humane.

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Amanda Vähämäki: MAESTRO - 3.00 EUR - 4.00 USD
2011 / 28 pages in bw, stabled / 105 x 148 mm / 4.13" x 5.83"/ Edition of 500

Re-issue of 2005 short story, now as an own small pamphlet. In Finnish with English translation. Bw.

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Läjä Äijälä: X - 15 EUR - 20 USD
2010 / 96 pages in bw / 216 x 303 mm / 8.50" x 11.93" / Edition of 700

"Best Bizarre Finnish Comix!" - X-magazine existed 1990-1994 and was devoted to bizarre Finnish comics. X was edited and published by artist Läjä Äijälä. The magazine was an uncensored burst of underground cultures, S/M sex and outsider reality. The X book contains all the works made for the magazine by the editor Äijälä. Despite the dark themes, Äijälä's work is humorous. See and read in "The Harley Man Show" how reality shows were in the beginning of 90s, or get an explanation why on earth Bach used to dress up in latex, or which kind of activities Elvis' used to have on his spare time. Läjä Äijälä (b. 1958) is known worldwide as a singer of hardcore punk band Terveet Kädet. Meanwhile he has been the main figures of Finnish experimental music since late 70s. After 25 years as a comic artist, X is the first book being published. In content it is as extreme, expressive and uncompromising as his audial works.

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Emelie Östergren: Teeny and the Weenies - 4.80 EUR - 6.50 USD
2010 / 32 p. in monochrome / 160 x 240 mm / / 6.30" x 9.48" / Edition of 600

A surrealistic tale for children and adults - new Swedish quality comics! Teeny's day walk through the city takes him inside a land of dreams. It doesn't take long until he finds out he is taking care of an army of small creature, The Weenies. They seem to be totally dependant on Teeny, and that does not please him at all - Teeny wants to be free! Teeny and the Weenies is fairy-tale for children and adults. In the world created by Östergren many things are possible and reader is the rider. The characters are drawn eloquently and with love. Teeny must be something personal. Emelie Östergren (b. 1982) presents the new wave of Swedish comics. Teeny and the Weenies is her third comic book and comes with English subtitles on the bottom of the pages.

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V/A: GlömpX - 16.00 EUR - 20 USD
2009 / 168 p. in colour / 225 x 225 mm / 8.86" x 8.86" / Edition of 1000

10th issue of Glömp is a trip to 3-dimensional comics, last book edited by its founder Tommi Musturi. This is also +10-years-anniversary issue of the anthology - big bang, colourful hardcover baby that features 15 Finnish artists. This book is another half of the whole GlömpX project that we've been working on for past 12 months. The other half is an exhibition that will be touring around Europe 2009-2010. And if that's not enough, the book features a CD with exclusive soundtrack by Amon Düde, Nuslux, Kiiskinen, The Hoopo and Fricara Pacchu. Featured artists: Sami Aho, Jan Anderzén, The Doozers, Roope Eronen, Jyrki Heikkinen, Reijo Kärkkäinen, Jarno Latva-Nikkola, Hanneriina Moisseinen, Tommi Musturi, Pauliina Mäkelä, Aapo Rapi, Anna Sailamaa, Katri Sipiläinen, Sonja Salomäki, Janne Tervamäki and Amanda Vähämäki. This books weigths over one KG so be aware of the shipping costs.

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V/A: Glömp7 - 9.60 EUR - 13 USD
2005 / 196 p. in monochrome / 176 x 250 mm / 6.93" x 10.08" / Edition of 800

Our first international issue, containing 22 artists from 13 nations. 196-page book including Tom Gauld, Nicolas Mahler, Åsa Grennvall, Jeffrey Brown, Meirav Shaul, Mathieu Christe, Helge Reumann, Giacomo Monti, Bart Schoofs, Marcus Nyblom, Giacomo Nanni, Jan Solheim, Till D. Thomas, Maria Isenbecker, Isabel Carvalho, Kevin Huizenga, Pedro Nora, Jessica Khane, Davide Catania, Frédéric Poincelet, Anneli Furmark and Sara Varon. Glömp7 is again a co-release with Hurry. English translation included!

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V/A: FINNISH COMICS ANNUAL 2012 - 18.00 EUR / 24.00 USD
2012 / 256 pages in colour, glued / 250 x 320 mm / 9.8" x 12.6" / Edition of 1000

The second volume of the Finnish Comics Annual, edited by Reija Sann. This time around we are treated with 256 pages of comics of nordic everyday life with surreal streaks. Contributing artists: Terhi Ekebom, Grönroos & Rantio, Matti Hagelberg, Pauli Kallio, Tarmo Koivisto, Mika Lietzen, Petteri Tikkanen, Tiitu Takalo, Katja Tukiainen and Riitta Uusital.asd


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FINNISH COMICS ANNUAL 2011 (ed. Ville Hänninen) - 18 EUR - 24 USD
2011 / 312 p. / Partly in colour / 250 x 320 mm / 9.8" x 12.6" / Edition of 1000

This is a massive +300-page big size anthology of Finnish comics, in English and supposed to be out annually from now on. Editor Ville Hänninen has selected along 20 artists from Matti Hagelberg to Amanda Vähämäki and Kati Kovács to Marko Turunen. In the article that begins the book he points out the weird worlds specific for Finnish comics, born where everyday life and surreal intersect. In all, it's a good overview on what's happening out here atm.

Including works from: Terhi Ekebom, Matti Hagelberg, Jyrki Heikkinen, Ina Kallis, Kati Kovács, Reijo Kärkkäinen, Jarno Latva-Nikkola, Hanneriina Moisseinen, Tommi Musturi, Pauliina Mäkelä, Jyrki Nissinen, Ville Pirinen, Aapo Rapi, Jii Roikonen, Jenni Rope, Jukka Tilsa, Marko Turunen, Riitta Uusitalo, Jari Vaara and Amanda Vähämäki.


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V/A: Kutikuti: SPECTER - 9.00 EUR - 12 USD
2012 / 40 pages in colour, stabled / 297 x 420 mm / 11.69" x 16.53"/ Edition of 500

Kutikuti's first own anthology is an over-sized colour burst of untraditional horror and science fiction, chewed here like psychedelic gum – apocalyptic visions, daily horror and much more. Join in ether with: Aapo Rapi & Petriina Koivunen, Amanda Vähämäki, Roope Eronen, Jarno Latva-Nikkola, Anna Sailamaa, Tommi Musturi, Sami Aho, Søren Mosdal, Mikko Väyrynen, Kari Sihvonen, Juliacks, Jari Vaara, Janne Tervamäki, Heta Bilaletdin, Heikki Rönkkö and Benjamin Bergman.

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Kuti is a free magazine that we do. It has international cast of artists printed in tabloid format & english subtitles. If you want to order a load of it, we only charge the shipping costs. Also, we usually fill up all the orders with some extra Kutis, to make it to the weight limit of the shipping. It's totally ok to also sell Kuti, if you want to cover some of the costs. However, keep the price relatively cheap (50 c – 1 eur). Until end of 2013 there are 30 different issues out, some we don't have anymore but most should. To see & read more of it, please go here.


Suurin Onni: s/t 12" - 8.40 EUR - 12 USD

“I only compose music that makes me feel home” says Kusti and yes, that is exactly how this record will make you feel. Being around for eigth years, we finally proudly present the band’s debut album. By sounding nothing but themselves they perform gentle free improvised jazz with folk influences - three calm horns with occasional outbursts wander above hypnotic five-piece rhyhtm section. These are timeless compositions that will most likely put smile on your face and save your day, week and year. Edition of 400 pcs.

Space Rocket: Bez Kalhotek 10" - 7.20 EUR - 10.50 USD

Oh this joy! - a brand new release from our very own Space Rocket, including 12 tracks recorded during one furious weekend on the summer of 2002. Serves the whole family, combining elements from jazz to noise, from kraut to improvisation, and as usually... ending up some distant place out of the map. This is the soundtrack of the year, composed for a movie never filmed. “Space Rocket are fucking brilliant! (and I hope they use this bit of the quote.)” (Robots and Eletronic Brains), “...they go way beyond any labeling. ...Recommended!” (Broken Face). Edition of 300.


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